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St Nicholas Mission Academy, Ghana

We partner with St Nicholas Mission Academy, a primary school in Kokrobite, Ghana to provide free education to over 200 students.

Millions of children cannot afford to attend school due to the small fees charged by government schools to cover uniforms, books or lunch. In Ghana, these children end up never attending school or only attend for short periods at a time. They are therefore unable to acquire the proper level of education needed to break the cycle of poverty.

By providing education for free, St Nicholas Mission Academy relieves parents of the stress of having to choose between educating their children and providing food or shelter for their families. St Nicholas Mission Academy also provides free annual health insurance registrations, a daily nutritious lunch, drinking water, learning materials and extra-curricular.



Thanks to our support, St Nicholas Mission Academy, Ghana has achieved the following:


St Nic's Ghana has grown from 15 students in 2018 to over 200 students in 2023. The range of classes has also expanded to now include Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary 1 - 6. This means approximately 150 families have benefited from their children receiving free education.


St Nic's Ghana is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education. It provides a holistic curriculum that is based off Ghana's national standards and supplements this with swimming and dance lessons, ICT training and female empowerment classes to prepare the students for a modern workforce.

Giving Back

St Nic's Ghana employs 14 local Ghanaian staff in positions ranging from teachers, cooks, school grounds keeper and bus driver. Paying decent salaries to members of the community not only benefits their families, but also boosts the local economy.

Our Supporters

GVI Ghana
All Saints Grammar School
Kambala Girls School Rose Bay
First Education Tutoring
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